ICAE Celebrates 48 Years

The Insurance Consumer Affairs Exchange (ICAE) is proudly celebrating its 48th year as the forum for insurance, government and consumer organizations to exchange information, ideas and experiences. Through our efforts to promote professionalism and shape the discourse between insurers, regulators and consumers, we contribute to our industry’s commitment to fair outcomes for consumers.

News & Views

Announcement: New ICAE 2022 Officers Elected
President: Susan Hatfield, Nationwide
Vice President: Kristi Colbert, HealthMarkets
Treasurer: Jackie Smiley, MassMutual Ascend
Secretary: Jim McNally, Travelers

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New Member Testimonial

“I try to get to a conference every year, and have attended several over the last few years. In my role as primary complaint handler for our company, I was looking for something that was a better fit for me. I came across the ICAE website a couple of years ago via an Internet search for “insurance complaint conference” if I remember correctly! The information about past exchanges seemed so relevant. When the time got closer, I received approval and signed up for the exchange. I’m glad I did, as it seems like I’ve found my professional ‘tribe’ so to speak. I’ve come away from the conference with some fresh, solid ideas on how to work with complaints, as well as a new network of people I can call upon should the need arise.”

Russ Gibson, FLMI, ACS of EquiTrust Life Insurance Company