ICAE Exchanges have featured presentations from top industry experts, including the Insurance Commissioners from nearly every state hosting the conference. Specialists from outside the insurance industry have also offered insight on such issues as: 1.1 Marketing, Cybersecurity issues, Total Quality, Making the Most of the Media, Change Management, Social Media, Consumer Privacy, Customer Focus, The Internet, Educating Consumers and other topics to help members serve consumers more effectively.

Member Showcases have been extremely popular mainstays of Exchange agendas, profiling best practices at specific ICAE member companies, and dialogue sessions between regulators and insurance company representatives have identified common ground as well as areas that need further discussion. White papers have been compiled and submitted based on information gathered during and after ICAE Exchanges.

Some of the industry experts who have headlined past ICAE Exchanges:

  • Coyte Cooper, Make Your Mark Enterprises
  • Jani Rogers, JR Talent Management
  • Myra Golden, MHR
  • Linda Swindling, Author, Journey On!
  • Dr. Brenda Cude, Professor, University of Georgia
  • Martha Fisher, Martha Fisher & Associates
  • William Bailey, Insurance Information Institute
  • Janelle Barlow, Ph.D., President and Owner of TMI, USA
  • Jay Deragon, Executive Director, Quality Insurance Congress
  • Christopher Hart, Ph.D., President of the Spire Group, Adjunct Professor at the University of Michigan Business School
  • Michael Hoffman, M. Hoffman Enterprises, Inc.
  • J. Robert Hunter, Director of Insurance, Consumer Federation of America
  • Virginia Knauer, White House Office of Consumer Affairs
  • Gordon Stewart, President, Insurance Information Institute
  • Dr. Gerald Suarez, Director of White House Quality Management


To promote professionalism and shape the standards of behavior in relationships between insurance organizations, regulators and customers through proactive dialogue, research, communication, and education.