The Catalyst

As a member of ICAE, you receive access to ICAE’s online newsletter, the Catalyst. Articles examine issues key to the conduct of consumer insurance affairs. The Catalyst features summaries of topics discussed at our Exchanges, keeps you up to date on other important consumer issues, and brings you news of ICAE members. The Catalyst is an online publication of ICAE.

Member Services

Member Involvement: ICAE is proud of the support we receive from concerned insurance professionals who plan the Exchanges, edit our publications, and conduct various projects.

Membership Directory: Members have Web access to the ICAE MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY. With this networking guide, assistance and insight from valuable resources are only a phone call, e-mail or link away.

Conference Discounts: ICAE members are eligible for reduced registration fees for the annual Exchanges and Virtual Roundtable meetings. Organization membership, which provides organizations the opportunity to designate up to 3 employees, allows substitutions at our Exchanges. This allows groups to expose a larger number of people to the valuable information being shared.


To promote professionalism and shape the standards of behavior in relationships between insurance organizations, regulators and customers through proactive dialogue, research, communication, and education.